Saturday, March 28, 2009

i am very proud of the teams who got into groove in the west, esp the FRESHIES!!!, damn proud of you!! straight from the heart. u all make me smile!!!=)

in life, u face it
u just have to accept it
n it takes time
probably i am just not....
it has impacted me
but i am okay...
give me some time
probably its just a consequence that i need to handle by myself
cos i can't seem to listen to anyone
i'll make that bet i made to myself last night again.
there's more to come=)
sam u can do it!!

n today i went arcade
i spent 25 bucks on catching soft toy. i catch 3!!! i took 2 to exchange for one nice pick bear, n gave one to peggy!!she so cute la!!hahahaha!!!damn funny!!
hahahaha!! should have video down her reaction!!!!too funny alr.

i am okayy=)
after sometime=)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sometimes i feel like shit. so many things so little time.
i dunnoe wth i am doing sometimes
i realise, i prob do sth wrong
alot of things must learn from scratch
pick up bits n pieces
i will really learn
its a wake up call
my role.... prob i must remind myself that
i will do my best
its going to get better

mia n ben pls tc of ur body. plssss... if not find robert or me. but i most prob will break ur bones.
take care of ur welfare people!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

hehe, its been ages since i blog, and yes i switch blog to this one, cos its my beloved yvonne and my fellow friends in nra who did this blog for me. thanks peepss!!!!
yess!!exam over!!! i freak out after fmgt paper, cos i think i will BUANG that paper like v jialat. i hope i dun fail.cross finger n toes.
for nw exam is over, i wanna concentrate alot of things.
i will do my best in whatever i can.
sometimes, its v hard to understand
but i love what i'm doing
but really a lot of things must think and understand
stress but worth it

thanks mia, for always saying i very lor sor,from there i will learn not to sound too over complicated. hehe.i know its v irritating, i get irritated by myself as well. i will learn to change for the beta=)

my wish........
i hope it turn out good=)
evrything this year=)
have faith
its going to be awesome!